Guitar lessons on all levels, all styles.
Piano/keyboard lessons on self-accompaniment, harmony, and music theory for songwriters & artists
Contemporary music styles for the classically-trained

Lesson topics include:

instrumental technique
chord vocabulary and harmony
rhythm and groove
practical theory and the Nashville Number System
stage/performance coaching
repertoire development
effortless musicianship: Alexander Technique for singers and players

Private lessons – guitar, keyboard, music theory $75/hr
Song Arranging session $125/song
Professional Charting (standard chord chart or Nashville Number System chart): $25/song
Tab transcription: $150/song

Contact Dave to schedule a session. Take a lesson from anywhere in the world via Skype.

Get Skype here.

Watch video: my teaching philosophy.

One Response to Private Sessions

  • If I can figure out Skype I’d be very interested in lessons. I want to know more chord theory; I am stuck in “the usual”. I saw your piece on Kim Copeland’s Fine Tune– awesome. I want to learn more voicings, make chords more interesting, better progressions. I am confident it also will help unlock melodies. I am a writer [performed long ago but at a low “who didn’t think they could play in the 70s” coffee house/bar music room level]. Books and magazine articles just don’t help me much.

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